Good Vibes Chat – Thoughts Become Things

This was originally streamed as a Facebook Live in the Good Vibrations Sweepstakes Club Group on Thursday, May 14th, 2020.

Mike Dooley – Notes From the Universe

Well, that was terrible. First, I couldn’t get Streamyard to work. Then I finally got onto Facebook Live, only to find out afterwards that my camera software left a pop-up box square on the entire video. I was going to edit out the beginning and reupload the video, only to realize if I did that, every comment on the original would be removed from the contest. To top it off the camera seem more focused on the background tan my face. So, it is what it is.

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As of late I’ve noticed a growing trend. It is a trend that makes me suspicious and skeptical at the same time. I’m sitting in front of my TV, weapon selected, timer is counting down, and my way-points are clearly marked on the map. My squad leader is calmly and effectively communicating our strategy. Focused now, readying for the sprint. Then it happens; a girl’s voice reverberates through the mic and into my ear. I am instantly demoralized. Our team prides itself in WINNING. There’s a formula to winning. Strategy, discipline and skill. This is a war game. It may not be real war, but we treat it as such. But today, we have a girl on our team. How did she get in? Who invited her?

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