Have You Ever Won a CLEAN SWEEP?

This was originally filmed as a Facebook Live on Thursday, September 12th, 2019.

Have you ever won every prize in a sweepstakes? Not me, but very close! Watch as I unbox the last prize I won in the 2019 Pepsi Stuff PIN Code contest.

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Werewolf Chat Rooms – What’s Out There?

There are a variety of werewolf and lycan chat rooms out there. While the werewolf as a creature has always held a certain fascination for our society, this popularity has exploded in recent days with the success of series such as Twilight, and Harry Potter, not to mention the plethora of movies, TV shows, comic books, and video games these concepts have helped drive.

FarmVille Guide to Leveling Up Fast

While FarmVille is a very casual game a lot of people become very involved with the addictive aspect of leveling up. We all want to make our time useful when we play and level up as high as we can as fast as we can. Leveling up gives the player that great sense of accomplishment and warmth.

Vampire Roleplaying Online – Options

Roleplaying is the act of pretending to be someone else, whether it’s a real person, or a fictional character. Vampire roleplaying has always enjoyed a certain amount of popularity, due to the bad boy image that these anti heroes have in mainstream popular culture. The release of movies such as Interview With the Vampire, as well as the more recent Twilight flicks, has brought this interest to an almost frenzied height. This has led to the development of a number of different vampire role playing games available on the internet.

How to Stay Motivated in Miniature Painting and War Gaming

In any hobby, I guess sometimes there’s always a high point and low point. Sometimes you feel so motivated to go ahead with all the power, sometimes at days, everything seems so slow and low morale. Especially when you see there so many more miniatures to paint.

Werewolf Roleplaying Chat Rooms

First some definitions need to be explained to help keep everything in context. Roleplaying refers to the act of assuming another person or characters personality, and acting as that person through whatever your chosen medium is.

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