Helene Hadsell (aka The Winning Sage) – BONUS Part 2

After being out of print for over 30-years, you can once again garner Helene Hadsell’s winning wisdom in her book Contesting: The Name It & Claim It Game https://contestqueen.com/books/contesting-the-name-it-and-claim-it-game/

This video was recorded in 2008.

Helene Hadsell was proof not only of her dynamic philosophy of life, but her practice of positive thinking in the energetic pursuit of her goals has brought her rich rewards in terms of spiritual, physical, and material well-being. Mrs. Hadsell holds the unique record of having submitted the winning entry for every contest prize she ever wanted. Everything from appliances, trips, and the biggest prize of all, a fully furnished dream home.

How To Improve In Magic: The Gathering

Besides just reading articles all the time, you should also always keep yourself updated with the available cards in the format through visual spoilers or browsing through discussion forum constantly. When a new format is about to be released, go through the whole spoiler card by card to know every available card in the format, even you did or did not attend the prerelease.

5 Tips To Improve Your Magic Gameplay

Constantly check your own and your opponent’s graveyard to know what cards have been used. A simple move that goes a long way in your games, constantly checking the graveyards allow you to remind yourself what spell has your opponent played and how many copies of a card is left in your deck.

An Introduction to Competitive PokeMon Battling

So you want to be the very best like no one ever was? Getting 8 badges and defeating the Elite Four was only the beginning. There’s a whole new challenge out there: Competitive Battling. The Pokemon metagame is one of the largest in the world, with thousands of players worldwide, with National and World Championships held each year. Think this is a challenge you want to take? Then read on, this article will teach you how to get in there and get on your way to winning.

Top 3 Hints to Avoid Game Tester Gimmicks

There is great interest in video game testing as a career. Even shows have been created around the subject. Because of this interest, some solutions are trying to take advantage this excitement and produce unimportant and misleading media to sell as a solution. Here are some easy ways to spot this questionable content.

The Exact Distinctions Between Softball and Baseball

Baseball and softball are approximately identical in many areas, but you’ll notice a number of major differences regarding the two sports once you start to match. You must know the differences if you plan to train beginning-level softball if all of your experience has been in baseball – and the other way round.

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