Helene Hadsell (aka The Winning Sage) – BONUS Part 4

After being out of print for over 30-years, you can once again garner Helene Hadsell’s winning wisdom in her book Contesting: The Name It & Claim It Game https://contestqueen.com/books/contesting-the-name-it-and-claim-it-game/

This video was recorded in 2008.

Helene Hadsell was proof not only of her dynamic philosophy of life, but her practice of positive thinking in the energetic pursuit of her goals has brought her rich rewards in terms of spiritual, physical, and material well-being. Mrs. Hadsell holds the unique record of having submitted the winning entry for every contest prize she ever wanted. Everything from appliances, trips, and the biggest prize of all, a fully furnished dream home.

How to Create Fictional Orcish Leaders for Your RPG

When creating fictional leaders one needs to decide what it is about them that allowed them to assume the mantle of power to begin with. Too often orcs are just part of a nameless horde, directed by more intelligent allies to simply swarm forward and serve as cannon fodder, but a real tribe would have a real culture, real leaders, and reasons for those leaders to have control. Here we’re going to create three fictional leaders so as to posit these very principles.

The Creation of Fictional Orcish Tribes

If one were to attempt to create a fictional world wherein Orcs were an actual race, a people with a culture, society and existence of their own, not just a band of monsters who seem to exist only to go to war, then how would one go about creating just such a concept? One would posit certain truths: that they would be a tribal society, that they would exist in areas of poor resources in order to justify their martial nature, and that they would be fractious and given to internecine warfare. How can one take this concept and make it real?

The Biology of An Orc

Orcs have a very distinct appearance, one that is bestial and frightful, inhuman to be sure yet still bipedal, creatures of nightmare that seem to typify our greatest fears. What kind of biology and details of anatomy might best exemplify these traits? Are there any models in our real world that could give us information that would help us design and create more accurate goblins and orcs?

How to Create a Fictional Orcish Setting

Too often novelists and dungeon masters ascribe little more to orcs than a hateful nature and massive numbers that compose their hordes. No thought is given to their society, their culture, their religions and occupations, how they feed their tribes and what they do during times of piece. If one were to invest some time in creating an Orcish society, what might it look like?

What Kind of Environment Would Give Rise to Orcs?

When you imagine orcs, you no doubt picture the ferocious hordes emerging from Mordor in Lord of the Rings, or their variants from any other blasted location which would not appear to be able to support life of any kind. Is there a connection between these environments and orcish nature? Could we begin to understand orc nature as dictated by these circumstances, could we stop thinking of them as inherently evil by nature, and instead simply martial due to their homelands?

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