Helene Hadsell (aka The Winning Sage) – Part 2

After being out of print for over 30-years, you can once again garner Helene Hadsell’s winning wisdom in her book Contesting: The Name It & Claim It Game https://contestqueen.com/books/contesting-the-name-it-and-claim-it-game/

This video was recorded in 2008.

Helene Hadsell was proof not only of her dynamic philosophy of life, but her practice of positive thinking in the energetic pursuit of her goals has brought her rich rewards in terms of spiritual, physical, and material well-being. Mrs. Hadsell holds the unique record of having submitted the winning entry for every contest prize she ever wanted. Everything from appliances, trips, and the biggest prize of all, a fully furnished dream home.

Dungeons and Dragons and the Ouija Board Opens You Up to Real Demon Possession

Dungeons and Dragons and the Ouija Board seem like two very innocent games young people play with. Yet what these players do not know is they open their soul up to real demonic possession. A connection to the lower astral realms and the demon spirits that reside there is created whenever these game players cast spells, conjure spirits, and seek to communicate with these spirits.

Game Swap – A Gaming Freak’s Dream Come True

Are you an avid gamer who spends hours in front of the console playing the latest games? Then probably, you have already spent thousands of dollars buying new game CDs as soon as it hits the market. Being a game enthusiast, you would definitely want to try out the latest releases instead of playing the old ones over and over again.

How to Play Video Games Without Going Bad (My Formula)

If you have been alive here on planet Earth for the last (oh, I don’t know) decade or so, then you know that there have been and continue to be naysayers who claim that video games will ruin you. The intellectual arguments that they have put forth allege that the games are “distracting,” “expensive” and can become “addictive.” (Wow.)

Become A Mafia Wars Don Through Deceit, Treachery & Guile

Mafia Wars is a popular Facebook game that is quite different from some of the site’s other popular games like FarmVille, FishVille and Restaurant City. If you’re reserving your free time for something darker and more adult, then this criminally-oriented game is the perfect alternative to the more ”cartoony” games that seem to be the dominant social networking diversions these days. And the more evil you are, the more you will succeed (virtually speaking, of course!)

How to Do a DotA Commentary

If you think you are just watching too much DotA commentary and are bored/sick/tired of the commentator’s accent and what so ever, you can easily make you own DotA commentary and upload onto YouTube or other video sharing websites. It is very easy and you should believe me.

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