Helene Hadsell – The Winning Sage Returns

After being out of print for 30-years you can now garner Helene Hadsell’s winning wisdom in her best-selling book: Contesting: The Name It & Claim It Game https://contestqueen.com/books/contesting-the-name-it-and-claim-it-game/
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This was originally recorded as an episode of With The Contest Queen on BlogTalkRadio on Friday, October 9th, 2009. My guest was Helene Hadsell, aka The Winning Sage and author of the book: Contesting: The Name It and Claim It Game: Wineuvers for Wishcraft. She also won every contest she entered. I was lucky enough to spend 4 days with her at the end of 2008, two years before she passed away.


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