Helene’s Contest Entry

HOLY MOLY! Look at what I found while looking for photos as I update Helene Hadsell’s book. This was her entry into a contest Rosa’s Cafe held in November 2008. She didn’t have any modern sweepstakes skills so I recorded her entry on my Blackberry (hence the quality) and submitted it. Helene messaged me after the contest closed to tell me she had won a secondary prize. She really did win every contest she entered, and I got to witness it first hand.

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Another Way FarmVille Helps You Become Successful in Real Life

FarmVille is far from being your average computer game. Spending hour after hour playing most computer games is well, just playing. And that’s because the majority of computer games are designed to entertain. That leaves FarmVille squarely at the top. In fact, playing FarmVille can help you be successful in real life and have a lot of fun while doing it. If you have your doubts, keep reading to find out how.

Top Ten Multiplayer Games

They’re addicting, they drive us to cooperate and challenge us to create new strategies and tactics all the time. Find out what the top ten multiplayer games of all times are.

Warhammer – The Beginners Guide to Rogue Trader and Collecting Warhammer

When I got onto Games Workshop products back in the late eighties it was the Rogue Trader miniatures that grabbed my attention. Rick Priestley really done a number on my life!

Videogames As Art – The Battle Continues

In his most recent blog post, Roger Ebert once again reiterated his ideas of video games never being art. In this article, I take a look at how the gaming community handled things the wrong way, and give my own take on the matter.

Steps to Successfully Play FarmVille

Absolutely, if you want to play the Farmville game, you should enter to your Facebook account. Then, after you already have a FarmVille account, you can start the game by clicking “Play FarmVille Now!” The button can you find on any related posts of FV. The next step, you can choose a character and customize any features to become your farmer.

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