How to Enter instagram Sweepstakes – The Basics

Here are the first 5 things you need to know how to do if you want to enter sweepstakes, contests, giveaways and competitions on Instagram.

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A Beginner’s Guide to the Video Game Music Composition and Remixing Community

Over the years, video games have developed into a multi-billion dollar industry. Today’s games involve millions of hours of work and take years to produce. The music contained in these games, as well as older games, is an equal work of art that is often overlooked.

Join a Gaming Community and Get a Creative IQ Boost of 20%

Did you know the playing video games and computer games will increase your creative IQ? It will also help you make decisions faster and just like someone who plays chess; it will teach you to use your intuition as well as your skills and logic. When researchers run fMRI brain scans on kids they show that the brain lights up and runs full tilt when playing a very rapid video game.

Can Gaming Communities Solve Political and Federal Budget Issues?

Ever since gaming communities started using Microsoft’s SimCity to design cities of the future, many have marveled at how many interesting ideas, solutions, and concepts have been created to solve the challenges of mankind’s urban environment. After all, a civilization has to run like a Swiss Watch in order to deliver the economies of scale that serve both the whole and the individual. When building a city or urban metropolis in SimCity’s simulation game, the designer must consider the challenges of transportation, energy, water, education, distribution, banking, quality of life, communication, and then consider how best to incorporate all…

Harry Potter Roleplaying

When you choose to take a piece of literature and expand upon it, either through roleplaying, or through some form of fan fiction, there are a number of choices that you have to make. First and foremost is, will you stick to the logical and chronological timeline that was laid out in the book? If you choose to follow the chronology of the book you can either choose to replay something that was written, simply mirroring what is in the story, or you can fill in gaps that the story doesn’t cover, such as time periods which were glossed over, or events which were not described in great detail.

Should Kids in Gaming Communities Be Tested For Future Robotic Military Jobs?

The United States Air Force has increased their robotic unmanned aerial vehicle training and can no longer fit into the current facilities, and therefore an entire new training facility and squadron is being created in Alamogordo, New Mexico just to help fill the demand. The United States Air Force is adding 380 UAVs this year alone and needs pilots to fly them. Of course, these aerial vehicles are being flown by pilots that are on the ground in Little Rooms looking at computer screens and displays.

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