How your actions as a contestor could bring an end to our hobby.

I wanted to put this video in How to Win playlist as it’s more of a How NOT to Win video.

Watch and I will tell you the #1 thing sweepers, contestors and compers do that will stop companies from ever hosting another giveaway.

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How to Succeed at Farmville

How to succeed at Farmville is fast becoming one on the more popular Google searches to do with playing Farmville. There are many ways to succeed at Farmville from planning which crops to plant and when to harvest. Should you build or should you not, do you need to save or spend, and the list goes on.

Putting the Chess Club Pieces Together

Elementary school teachers around the nation have recently begun to grasp the value that chess can bring into a child’s education. Schools in districts across that land are now starting to form chess clubs, but the large question looms: what is the proper way to form a chess club? How can all the pieces of a club be fitted together to form a group that will educate, entertain, and enlighten young chess players?

Cafe World Coins – Tips and Strategies – Top 10 Dishes to Cook

The latest of Zynga franchise follows hotly off Mafia Wars and Farmville. In just a week, Cafe World has already hit 28 million users in just over a month on Facebook. If you have not played Cafe World, here’s the low down. It is kind of like an Iron Chef in a way where your mission is to cook, bake, and saute your way to the top in the culinary profession.

Top Yugioh Decks

Current Top Yu-Gi-Oh! Decks and how they are used to defeat opponents. The top Yu-Gi-Oh! decks played by the current champions include Blackwing and Lightsworn.

Magic the Gathering Deck Building Course 4 – Mana Color Choosing

After you have determined what method you are going to employ to defeat your opponents, it is time for you to determine your favorite Mana Color. Long time ago the abilities you can find in each Mana Color are exclusive, meaning you cannot cast spells of red Mana if you only have black Mana. But now there are some Sorcery, Enchantment or other spells which are shared by different Mana Colors. But it usually cost you more to cast spells that originally belong to another Mana Color and also more limitations and requirements are imposed.

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