I was confronted!

This was originally recorded as a Facebook Live the morning of Tuesday, August 13th, 2019.

It really really bothered her! Of course, I thought of the perfect thing to ask her later. FEEDBACK: Do I avoid her for the rest of the summer or do I code hunt and risk her accosting me again?

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You Should Never Pay Cash For Godfather Points in Mafia Wars Here is Why

Im betting if your reading this post, You have at the very least, Played Mafia Wars at least once and are now on the hunt for cheats, hacks and help.Are you looking for thr best way to build and succeed with your Mafia without spending a ton of uncalled for investments, such as Godfather points, that other’s seem to rack up easily. I’ve listed some of the best ways to get ahead without spending any money at all doing it.

Lets Take a Look at Falcon Control

Now if everyone remembers the Yamaguchi Championships, you may have seen the 4th placed deck by Natto. It was mostly Falcon control with a great amount of control added. How?

Yugioh Top 8 Decks – Look at the Top Or Lower?

Ever get second or third in a tournament and have your deck featured on a website or article? One problem you would normally face is the mindset that people can call: “Looking only at the first place!”

The Owlbear Gang

According to an article I recently read, Liz Schuh, the D&D brand director, claims “When we look at our player base and beyond into our fan base, we see 24 million people in the U.S. 13 to 45 [years old] that played D&D at one point.” That’s a very large subculture with a social stigma that lands them downstream from a seat at the cool table.

Role Playing Chat Rooms Versus MMORPG’s

First, a few definitions should be made clear for context. Role playing is the act of taking on the role of a fictional character, and acting as that person in a given situation. An MMORPG is a massively multiplayer online role playing game and it usually refers to some sort of graphical interface, or at the very least an AI interactive world, allowing members to communicate with one another and the system in various ways.

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