Is Sundance Vacations a Scam? It’s not. It is a really great offer if you qualify!

The Sundance Vacations Monroeville, PA office wants to make your visit the best possible experience. We welcome thousands of people a year to our office for a multi-media presentation on vacation packages to destinations across the US, Mexico, and the Caribbean. People ask is this one of those free vacation scams? It’s not. The promotional trip is given in exchange for your time in attending a multi-media presentation. Regardless of your purchase decision, you’ll leave with the promo gift. You also have to qualify, meaning a high school student dosent have the income to pay for vacations, their parents do. That’s why we have requirements on who is eligible to attend the presentation.

We also partner with Travel Advantage Network to provide an ever changing array of destinations for our clients. The biggest misconception is that the promotional trip that’s given in exchange for your time in attending a multimedia presentation is something you’ve won. The Sundance Vacations free trip does not exist. The promotional trip is a great value and the traveler is responsible for taxes. The taxes vary depending on the airport/or cruise port you select.

If you are interested in visiting the Sundance Vacations Pittsburgh, PA office, call 800-335-4300 to see if you qualify to receive the trip.

For directions, you can also search: sundance vacations monroeville pa or sundance vacations monroeville mall. Check out the better business bureau pa to see that any customer issues that arose from the promo trip are always resolved.

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