Live With Josh Rachlis – Episode 2

#WinWithJoshAndCarolyn Episode 2, recorded as a YouTube Live on August 10th 2017.

Today we are talking about strategies for entering video contests as Josh Rachlis is Toronto based comedian and vlogger who will give you behind the camera winning tips and tricks.

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What Are the Benefits of Membership in the US Chess Federation?

What does the US Chess Federation do? Why join? The U.S. Chess Federation is a not-for-profit organization promoting the study of the game of chess. The group strives to provide information, knowledge and support to all chess players regardless of age or skill level, from novices to professional players. They view chess as an enjoyable pastime, as an art form, and as a means of improving society.

Party Games – Old Continent Versus New Continent

In the USA they seem to be more creative when making theme parties and playing party games. In Europe they are not so creative when making theme parties because people celebrate their own old traditions and spend more time with family though they have a big list of old party games, stories and legends stored up during centuries.

Magic the Gathering – How to Gain Card Advantage

Understanding the different types of card advantage in magic the gathering helps players win games. Learn how to achieve and identify all kinds of card advantage.

Members of Gaming Communities Are the Best Video Game Designers – Tap Into Innovation

Video and Computer Gaming Software Companies know who their biggest consumers and clients are, and they do not have to look far for fan clubs, gaming communities, and diehards. Nor, do they have to look far for their most outspoken and outrageous critics either. Indeed, some of their biggest fans and biggest critics turn out to often be one of the greatest untapped resources known to mankind.

10% of All Video Gamers Are Addicted – What is the Percentage in Gaming Communities?

A recent study in a major neurology scientific journal noted that 10% of all video gamers are indeed addicted to playing these games. This obviously didn’t surprise many parents or teachers, and it hardly sent even a ripple of a shock wave into the video gaming software industry, as they are well aware of who their ideal consumers and clients are and have been aware of this for decades now. Still, one has to ask; If the average video gamer is addicted to playing, then what is the number associated with those who are actually part of online video gaming …

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