Never a Dull Moment #2 Today !!!


UGH! I was so excited I forgot to film the video sideways so we don’t get VCS (Vertical Camera Syndrome).

THANK YOU Roots Canada! I really needed a new coat. No more freezing!

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Online Backgammon For Everyone

Backgammon games are fun and easy to learn. The goal of this game is to move your checkers round the board into your home, keeping them safe all the while from your opponent.

Swapping Video Games As a Route to Cheap Gaming

Video gaming is an expensive hobby, but, as this article will demonstrate, it need not be! By swapping video games via online gaming communities, gamers can try out new games, and meet new friends!

The Old School Rant

How do old-school gamers relive the unique game play experiences they had in their youth? Game Publishers are focusing on sequels and bland experiences with great graphics to sell their games, and tarnish what it really means to be a gamer.

Deaths Caused by Video Games

Believe it or not, but video games have actually killed people. Some games are held responsible for physically killing people and also some games have actually driven people to their deaths (I know crazy right?). There are actually several reported cases of death caused by video games every year however only some make it on the news and become popular. These 4 examples are just few of the many cases of death caused by video games but these are the most popular so take each one into consideration so you won’t be the next person on this list!

The Role of the Cleric in Role Playing Games

This article introduces role playing gamers to the role of the cleric. One of the strongest of the characters in role playing games, the cleric is important to many different role playing games.

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