PCH Sweepstakes Winner: Deanna R. from Curtice, OH Wins $10,000.00!

Big win in the Buckeye State for Deanna R. of Curtice, OH! A PCH VIP Elite, she won $10,000.00 from the PCHlotto State of Play (Gwy. #14114) 🧑!
Deanna came to the window the second we pulled into the driveway. She was on the phone with her daughter and stayed on with her as she said β€œyou’re not going to believe this, but Publishers Clearing House is here!” 🎊 Deanna quickly said β€œI’ll call you back” and got emotional when she saw her Big Check.
Her husband had some health issues to take care of this year (that came with a big medical bill to pay), and this $10,000 will take care of that. She repeatedly said β€œyou don’t know how much this helps us”, and that we came at just the right time πŸ•°. She will use what money is leftover to take a trip eventually.
Deanna – whose home is at the edge of several farms – grew up in the area and loves animals 🐾, and loves country living. She is retired from a long career at a local Sears, and her husband works for a food wholesaler to commercial businesses.
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