St Patrick’s Day Special all about LUCK

This was originally streamed as a Facebook Live on Tuesday, March 17th, 2020.

St. Patrick’s Day Special FB Live all about LUCK 🍀

In this Facebook Live I talk about all things lucky! Plus you have a chance to win prizes.

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The Luck Factor (Book)

The Luck Factor (PDF)

The Law of Attraction (Book)

Hangout With Michael (Videos)

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How to Know When You Win a Prize, and If a Prize You Have Won Is Legitimate

Winning prizes can be a lot of fun! However, you want to make sure it is a legitimate prize, and that you only give the information that you need! Here are some important things to know when/if you’ve won a prize! In this article, I will be letting you know first things you should look for, and then things you should watch out for. It will help you, and help keep sweepstaking fun for you!

Virtual World for Kids and Safety

Online Worlds are demonstrating that they can be excellent, safe online locations for kids to have a pleasurable time as well as interact with other people. The appealing safety features which online worlds are giving are well-liked among parents searching for internet to safeguard their children. However these security characteristics aren’t the sole reasons why virtual world subscriptions carry on developing with new virtual worlds for kids continuing to pop-up.

History of Game Design

This is a brief timeline of the history of the game design industry. It’s clear to see that this is an ever-evolving industry, and one that is growing quickly.

Angry Birds Has Taken Flight As The Number One Video Game on the Market Today

Every so often, a video game hits the market that appeals to every type of player, no matter their age, gender or favorite game genre. Angry Birds is one of those games. Since its release in December 2009, its Finland-based development company, Rovio Mobile, has sold over 13 million copies.

RPG Dice and Cheating

This article teaches role-players, especially game master, how to spot tactics cheaters use to fudge on their die rolls. You might think that lying about your RPG dice rolls is scraping the bottom of the barrel, but it happens.

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