Stay the Course–Go With the Flow

There is a balance to be had between being cautious and not living in fear. The Coronavirus very rapidly changed the world, and it’s changing daily. My advice is to keep entering sweepstakes as you always have, and if you win a prize that must be changed or altered, go with the flow and deal with it at the time. #covid19

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The Keys to the Kingdom: Dominion Rules

There are a myriad of great board games out there, and most of them cater to party-goers that want a short and simple game, on the lighter side, or to hardcore fantasy fans that want a long and complex game, on the heavier side. But Dominion is a board-gamer’s board game. It is all about strategy and the dynamics of play. Every game is challenging, and every game is fun. It is far and away the best-designed game that I’ve ever played.

Android RPG Games

Mobile phones have gotten fancier over the years. First the developers added cameras, the internet and now most smart phones can now play video games. They’re not budget games like Snake or Tetris either. Smart phones are able to play video games that have the same quality that portable gaming devices produce.

Flash Games Players Are More Alert

Recent studies seem to suggest that flash games players just might be more alert than those of their video console counterparts.The study was conducted to weigh the impact of non-commercial factors on buyer purchase behaviour. 

The History and Movement of Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons has been a popular game for years. This article breaks down basics of D&D and how it became so popular.

Diary of a Gamer: Achievements and Trophies

As I lay on this shallow patch of earth I remain still and silent. My eyes follow a systematic pattern, as I scan the area left to right. My muscles remain poised, purposeful. The resting finger though limp and relaxed is fueled and ready, pressed upon the trigger with intent. In the distance there is movement, ruffling among the trees. I prepare my scope and gaze into the dark. Breathing stops, heartbeat slows. After a pause, I squeeze the trigger. One shot is fired.

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