Sundance Vacations- Things to Do in Costa Rica

There are tons of things to do in Costa Rica near Playas del Coco with Sundance Vacations!

If you’re looking for adventure in Central America, go on some tours of Costa Rica to see the exotic animals or do an adventurous activity.

The Monkey Farm is a wildlife rescue center run by international volunteers that provides a home for monkeys and many other animals.

Tours Your Way will take you through the ecosystem to teach you about the unique birds, reptiles and other tropical animals.

If you’d like to see under the great depths, go diving with Rich Coast Diving to see sharks, rays and the bright creatures beneath the surface.

You could also hike around Arenal, one of those most actives volcanos in the world. There’s tons to do in Selvatura Park.
Memo Adventures also has forest tours to see butterflies or can take you to an educational center to learn about the land and its ancestors.

One of our favorite recommendations for Sundance Vacations travelers is to volunteer while in Costa Rica. Learn more about voluntourism on our Blog:

In Costa Rica, you could volunteer to help sea turtles get from the beach to the water or participate in coffee farming.

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