Sundance Vacations- Things to Do in St. Maarten

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Interested in a tropical getaway with Sundance Vacations? Things to do in St. Maarten seem endless. This video is an overview and you can find “Things to do in St. Maatin here:

Of course, people want to visit this beautiful island to go to the beach. In fact, there are 36 beaches on this island and the water is very warm. The Sundance Vacations Better Business Bureau rating is an A.
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While on your Sundance Vacations trip, check out one of the many beaches like Baie Rouge or maybe swim with some exotic island critters like sea turtles or dolphins.

There are tons of places to hike as well like Loterie Farm or places to visit with the kids like the Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit, featuring relics from Star Wars, Terminator, and more design work by Nick Maley.

Get ready to party on the island too, because there are tons of things to do in St. Maarten for those looking to have a good time. There’s always festivals and celebrations happening, so check to see what’s going on while you’re there.

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