SweepsCon 2017 Keynote Speaker – Steve Ledoux

This video was originally filmed at The Rib Trader in Orange CA on Saturday July 29th 2017 at end of our convention at the evening banquet.

Steve Ledoux, aka the Sweepstakes King, is the author of How to Win Lotteries, Sweepstakes and Contests in the 21st Century. He spoke on the Heyday of Sweeping for the attendees of SweepsCon 2017.

Steve was gracious enough to give me permission to post this video. As I was co-hosting the event and had no intention of filming I did not bring with me proper equipment. I was being a complete fangirl as Steve started me on my journey as a sweeper. I wanted to film the momentous moment, so I whipped out my phone and just started rolling. This is unedited and raw. ENJOY! (I had known Steve since I started writing my books and he even wrote the foreword to my latest book, but had never met him in person. I was beyond excited!! Better than a prize.)

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