Sweepstakes Q&A Follow-up

This is a recap and follow-up Q&A video answering the questions I missed during the August 20th 2018 Facebook Live.

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NOTE: I removed the troll’s comments so the feed posts may seem a bit disjointed.

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5 Ways That Anyone Can Gain Experience To Become A Game Tester

When it comes to game testers, education is one thing and experience is another. How can you gain experience if you can not get a job? And, how can you get a job if you have no experience?

Becoming a Video Game Expert – You’ve Got the Skills, So Why Not?

If you find yourself playing video games day-in and day-out, you might be a prime candidate for establishing yourself as a gaming expert. All you need is a good knowledge of a wide range of games and gaming systems, and a lot of patience. The rewards are phenomenal and in the end, you’ll be a better person for it.

Gaming Desktops – The Desktop for Super Gamers

For playing network and computer games, gaming desktops are the best since they are optimized for displaying graphics (as opposed to regular desktops, which are optimized for storage). This is because a lot of gaming media is being read from removable drives. The best feature of the gaming desktop is their graphics card that ensures smooth frame rates and perfect video quality…

Community of Million Gamers – Online Gaming Communities

Internet opponents always saw online gaming as the community enemy, which causes people to prefer the solitary act of playing internet games over taking part in more traditional types of social activities. Looking at some of today’s online games shows that online games promote a new and bigger form of communities based on human interaction.

Turning Gaming Into Money?

Is there money in gaming? Well, of course there is money in gaming. The gaming industry would not be what it is today if there wasn’t.

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