The Benefits of Vacation Days from Sundance Vacations

There’s no denying the benefits of vacations day on reducing your stress at work, but did you know that taking a vacation could actually lead to actual health benefits?

Every company has a different employee vacation policy and technically there is no law requiring companies to provide vacation days in the United States; however, companies in American average 15 vacation days a year.

Surprisingly, people aren’t using all their vacation days each year, in fact, Americans use only an average of 11 their 15 vacation days.

Why are people not taking their accrued vacation? There are many reasons, as illustrated in the Benefits of Vacation Days video.

It seems to be that people are their own barriers, neglecting the PTO out of fear of returning to piles of work. Even if they do take a vacation, many people believe they still need to stay connected and available to their boss when they call, making it difficult to relax.

There are, however, health benefits to taking vacation. Men and women who take at least one vacation a year have a lower risk of having a heart attack.

Were you surprised by any of these vacation day facts? Comment on this video or share with your overworked friends, family, and coworkers as a reminder to get away!

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Hopefully this vacation benefits video inspired you to use all your vacation hours and go out to enjoy yourself!

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