Tieks Review for Travel by Sundance Vacations

So you’ve seen these adorable ballet flats all over the internet and you’re obsessing over whether Tieks are worth the cost for your travel needs by looking up Tieks reviews.

I feel you, girl. I did the same thing for this article I wrote: https://sundancevacationsnews.com/travel-advice-and-tips/tieks-review-travel-sundance-vacations-reviews/

You’re probably asking, “Should I buy Tieks?” Let’s see if these expensive Tieks are worth it!

After seeing so many positive Tieks reviews online, I ended up purchasing a pair of Tieks ballet flats by Gavrieli to see for myself if these shoes would be a great recommendation for our 50,000 Sundance Vacations travelers to wear on their vacations.

I really wanted to post an honest Tieks review from unboxing to answer some huge questions people have:
Are Tieks worth the price?
Can someone please give an honest Tieks review?
What about Tieks for wide feet?

It seems that many women are hesitant to buy Tieks because they are so expensive, ranging from Perhaps that’s why the term “Tieks sale” has such a high search volume, even higher than “Tieks reviews.”

Should you wait to a Tieks sale or should you just bite the bullet and splurge on a pair? Ultimately, are Tieks worth the price?

After wearing a pair of Tieks for myself, I can confidently say there are many things you are paying for when purchasing Tieks. Here are the top 5:
1. A Custom-Made, Unique Shoe
2. High-End Materials Designed for Durability
3. High-End Materials Designed for Comfort
4. Compact for Travel
5. Attentive Customer Service

In this Tieks review video and in my Tieks reviews article I will discuss what makes Tieks shoes unique and sets them apart from other traditional ballet flats, and as a result, let you decide for yourself if these flats would suit your travel needs.

I purchased a pair of 7 Tieks that didn’t end up fitting right so I had to exchange them for a size 8 in Tieks. My recommendation is if you are a half size such as a 7-1/2 in shoes like me, that you size up and not size down like their website says. My feet were way too cramped in the 7s but I’m glad I tried both pairs on to see which was the right fit.

Actually, this is a good point to bring up for people with wide feet. Tieks are aware that people have wide feet, and I myself have a wider foot. These ballet flats were okay for that, but I think it’s because I sized up.

For me, there are things I love about the shoes. The leather is super soft, the pads seem to offer decent support, and I like the U-shaped curved, padded backs.

I also like how compact that are and am super happy to have found a pair of foldable flats.

My one shoe is rubbing my foot though and I really hope that in time that stops so these Tieks are more comfortable. As I said, I really love the Tieks support team and Tieks exchange policy, so I hope these shoes end up stretching out a little and the leather stops irritating my foot.

After I wear these a little longer, I will come back on and do an updated Tieks reviews video. I am hoping that I fall in love with these shoes like so many other women have!

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