UNBOXING – Monster Energy

This was originally filmed as a Facebook Live on Wednesday July 17th 2019.


1) support the contest sponsors by buying their products.
2) thank the sponsor when you win.

I can’t tell you how excited I am that I won these prizes from Monster Energy. I don’t think the video even comes close to showing how I really feel. |happy dance| I was so excited when the packages arrived I didn’t even think to drink a can while opening. (insert face palm here)

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Night Vision Versus Dark Vision in Role Playing Games

Many role playing game systems talk about low light vision or seeing in near total darkness which can be thought of as similar to using modern night vision glasses. Basically characters or creatures with this ability see in much more detail in areas or at times of day when light is very limited. This could be expressed by making relative statements so players understand the ability such as: X creature can see as well by the light of a full moon as a normal human sees on a bright sunny day.

Video Game Tester Job Openings

The video gaming business these days is a multi billion dollar industry and one of its best kept secrets is that some of the leading game developers have video game tester job openings available for passionate gamers who are prepared to test their games for glitches and bugs before they are launched. If you are here reading this right now, then that most likely means YOU!

FarmVille Chicken Coop – What Do the Mystery Eggs Do and How Can You Get More of Them?

Whites ones, brown ones, black ones, and gold ones. Those are the colors of the different mystery eggs you can get in FarmVille with their chicken coop. So, what exactly do they do and how can you get more of them?

Roleplaying Styles

The act of roleplaying is a communal creative process, which turns social interactions into the basis for a fictional story. Each person assumes the role of a character in that story, and the plot develops based on the nature of the interactions between the various people involved. It is a living process which can change at the drop of a hat, and so the style of the people involved can be very important to the outcome of the story told.

Video Game Tester Jobs – Anyone Can Become a Video Game Tester, Just Follow Our Info

Video game tester jobs are not easy to find, with our help we will show you the way to get correct details on finding these video game tester jobs. Game companies are in a multi billion dollar business and these companies need help all the time to make sure there games are up to par and work correctly before they launch these million dollar investments.

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