Using Crystals For Luck & Fortune

SPECIAL GUEST: Janet Miller of A Spirited Path

Take your hobby to a new level in 2019 by using all the tools available to you. In this special Facebook Live you will learn how to use crystals to increase your luck and fortune.

CRYSTAL WORKSHOP: Using Crystals to Increase Your Abundance in 2019ā€¦


Plus I wouldn’t be the Contest Queen without prizes!


1) DURING LIVE: Post your comments and questions during our Facebook Live. As soon as it’s over I will be drawing one winner to receive a crystal prize pack.

2) AFTER LIVE: Did you miss us Live. Fear not, you can still win. Post a comment or question before 11:59 pm ET on Monday January 14th 2019 to be in to win a crystal prize pack.

3) ON YOUTUBE: Did you miss us on Facebook. Fear not, you can still win. Post a comment or question before 11:59 pm ET on Monday January 14th 2019 to be in to win a crystal prize pack.

You can enter for each drawing.

These giveaways are open worldwide. Winners have 48 hours to get back to me or I will draw another name.

I’d also appreciate it if you LIKED my page (or SUBSCRIBED to my channel) and SHARED this video. Neither are required to enter or win, but I am grateful for any help I receive running these Facebook/YouTube giveaways.

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