What Winning Little Looks Like & More

Originally filmed as Facebook Live on November 8th 2018.

In this video I cover several topics that I turned into three blog posts covering four topics:

1) How Long Would You Wait to Win Big? http://contestqueen.com/2018/how-long-would-you-wait-to-win-big/

2) What Winning Little Looks Like + How to Avoid Holiday Credit Card Hangover http://contestqueen.com/2018/what-winning-little-looks-like/

3) Why You Have to be Happy to Win http://contestqueen.com/2018/why-you-have-to-be-happy-to-win/

Learn How To Win Big, Step-by-Step in my latest book: http://contestqueen.com/books/how-to-win-cash-cars-trips-and-more/

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Male Vs Female Role Playing Games

First please note that this article is not saying that all women are one way, and that all men are another way. This is just an attempt to understand some of the statistical differences in the trends between the type of imagination games that women prefer as opposed to those that men prefer.

Role-Playing Werewolves

The werewolf is a powerful symbol of the primitive animal that still lurks within the polished facade of the modern human. It is an idea of the fierce and wild monster within finally escaping the boundaries of the mind, and in so doing, transforming the body, the soul, and the spirit of the person into something more fierce and terrifying than any man or beast alone.

Productivity Purgatory – Broken Picture Telephone

Need a convenient scapegoat for the current economic crisis? Blame this highly addictive game that will manage to cripple the world’s workforce for at least the rest of time. Everyone remembers the ostensible classic game of “Telephone,” or as we called it in our youth, “When Camp Counselors Give Up: The Game.”

World of Warcraft Wallpapers

World of warcraft is not always just playing the game. Check out the scenery every once in a while. Take a picture make it pretty and let everyone else know about it.

Should We Still Be Gaming Past Our 30th Birthdays?

Up until now, the video gaming industry has always been regarded as a young persons genre. However with more and more products being targeted towards the maturer audience and the gaming industry itself going mainstream, is video gaming now the hobby of choice for all ages?

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