When You Screw Up Entering a Sweepstakes

I recorded this as a Facebook Live on Sunday, August 11th, 2019.

This video should be called ‘How NOT to Win’. I have made every mistake you can think of entering sweepstakes. Why do you think I am so good at teaching you how to win? I screw up and teach you what not to do.

Occasionally life gets overwhelming and balls get dropped. Sometimes that ball is a contest entry. This is what happened to me recently.

Have you ever done something while sweeping that makes you want to facepalm too?

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FarmVille – How to Level Up Quickly

FarmVille is currently one of the games with the most players on Facebook. Through the casual gameplay which is also appealing for more serious players, FarmVille is becoming more and more of a trend on Facebook. Of course every player would want to spend their time on the game as efficiently as possible, to reach the best they could possibly get in their limited amount of playtime.

The Nature of Location in Role Playing Chat

Role playing is an activity where people take on fictional roles, and act out ad libbed scenes in order to tell an original story along with others. Every role playing game needs a setting, a place where the characters can act and the action can take place.

The Ultimate FarmVille Farming Strategy

Lots of players are looking for the best solution to succeed in the Web’s most played game to the moment, Facebook’s FarmVille. To be a successful farmer you need to have lots of patience and the right amount of time and dedication.

FarmVille Secrets 101

Want to grow faster on FarmVille? Want to be bigger that your neighbors? And legal? Take a peek and find out how!

Text Based Role Playing Games – Benefits

A text based role playing game is a chat environment, where each person assumes the role of a character, and writes out their characters dialogue and action, as if they were in a story. It is at its heart a collaborative storytelling experience, a way for multiple people to write a novel, each taking a piece, and working together to develop the whole.

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