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SHORT RULES: Win one (1) private one-on-one 1-hour masterclass with the Contest Queen (ARV $250 USD). Open to Worldwide. Ends at 11:59pm ET on Friday November 30th 2018. Entries are only accepted as a comment on the YouTube video above.

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Catering in LRP – The Options Available For LARP Catering

A guide to the various catering options when going on live action role playing events. This article discusses the pros and cons of everything from burger vans to bringing your own.

Why Do Mom’s Like Boffing?

It may looks like total agression, but find out why boffing is something the whole family can do. This mother of 3 tells why she prefers her family boffing over such things as video games and other activities.

What Creates a Good Gaming Community?

And in that case, what creates a good game? In an effort to figure out just what exactly draws people into a game I’ve done a lot of reading online about online RPGs, MMOs, etc to hopefully impact Ashianae’s Journey in a positive way. There is an incredible article at Gamesutra.

So You Want to Join a Boffer Group?

How do you go about finding the right L.A.R.P. or boffer group in your area? This article will help guide you to the group that is right for you!

How to Earn Lindens And-Or Get a Job in Second Life

So you’re in Second Life and you want to make some lindens. You may not be sure where to go next or what to do to make some virtual cash. Well the good news for you is that you found this article!

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