Episode 11, “Wheel” Learn How To Make Money!

Winloot & Affiliate Websites:

Combined there are hundreds of chances to win cash across all sites which are 100% FREE to Play.

Welcome back to another episode of Winloot Live!

Today we have on Jamie G. from Columbus, Ohio. He won $250 playing on Winloot Live and us a great backdrop! Beautiful trees! Jamie plays Winloot games all the time. They give him free chances to win money every single day online! Not only does Jamie play Winloot games online, but he also joins us on Facebook to play in our giveaways and competitions. He recently won our Winloot Live Facebook contest that enabled him to get on the show today 10/1/2020!

What is is a 100% free sweepstakes site that provides players ninety-six chances to win a variety of different prizes including a $10,000,000 and a $16,500 a Month for Life jackpot every day.
All you have to do to register on is enter an email. Once you’ve done that, make sure to confirm your email so we can notify you if you’re a winner. Then, simply choose the required number of picks for each sweepstakes entry. You will also have the option to select “Quick Pick”. This will allow us to randomly select the picks for you. The winning numbers for all thirty sweepstakes are conducted shortly after midnight ET so be sure to enter every day.

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