Winloot Surprise: Karl Won Money Online For The 26th Time!

Winloot Live Giveaway:

On September 14th, 2020 we surprised Karl D. with $500! We also got the chance to interview the 26 time winner and ask him for some tips on how he’s won so many times. Karl says “It doesn’t take long, just keep playing, that’s the key.” Karl is right! You can’t win if you don’t enter.

Karl also chatted with us about the situation going on in California. Our thoughts and prayers are with anyone who is suffering from damages due to the fires and we wish everyone a speedy recovery. Karl discusses what it’s like to wake up in your own home and see smoke all around. He said, “When I woke up at 7am and I looked outside it was pitch black.”

Luckily Karl is doing ok! He didn’t have to leave his home and the fires seem to be settling down. I think the $500 also helped put him in a good mood!

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