With The Contest Queen – Special Guest: Elaine

With The Contest Queen and special guest: fellow contestor Elaine D. (aka Strictly Canadian).

CONTEST SHORT RULES: Win 1 of 2 $10 Starbucks special edition lucky gift cards. One for Canada and one for the U.S. Comment on this Live to be in to win. The contest closes at 11:59pm on Tuesday, March 26th, 2019.

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Video Game Chairs

Video Game Chairs, we have all heard about video game chairs,gut what do we really know about them. Why are some more expensive than others? What are they made of? What rooms can they be used in?

VRcade – Virtual Reality Arcades Will Be the Future

As someone that is passionate about the video game industry and the technological advancement of video games I often wonder about what the future holds for the global gaming community. With an endless list of options and possibilities the truth is the industry could go in any direction.

The Best YuGiOh Deck

There is no such thing as a best YuGiOh deck at the current format. Back in the old days, Tele-DAD was the undisputed best YuGiOh deck due to its speed and consistency, these days, there are many tier 1 decks. Out of the top three best YuGiOh decks at the moment, most people will be familiar with Lightsworn and Blackwing, so let’s talk about the other tier 1 deck that is D-Zombie.

Elemental Hero – Absolute Zero

The new kid on the block is none other than the hero that is the zero… what I mean is of course: Elemental Hero – Absolute Zero. It is a fusion of any D, E or Evil Heroes plus a Water Monster. It has 2500 ATK, and for any other Water Monsters on the field, it gains 500 ATK. Best of all, when it somehow leaves the field, it destroys all opposing Monsters!!

Roleplaying Chat Rooms – Background and Etiquette

A chat room is an interface that allows you to interact textually with other people in real time. Roleplaying is the act of assuming a character, and acting as that character in a free form environment while interacting with other people under other assumed characters in order to tell a story. The combination allows you to assume a characters role, in a textual environment. This is done in the following ways. In this type of interaction, the chat room becomes a kind of novel, that is written in real time. Each chatter has an identity, which can be backed up through a profile, blogs, or other media elements based on the capabilities of the site.

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